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Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the highest quality technical services. We strive to employ or set best practices and ensure reliable IT systems that enable our clients to be the best in their industry.
Crunch IT is an Apple Consultant with a difference ...

We launched in 2005 and since that time our services have become known amongst our clients to be the best around. This comes from highly skilled and focused staff that take pride in their work. Our knowledge extends well beyond Apple. We can talk to you about integration and management of Apple on a Microsoft dominated corporate network, a variety of mobility solutions or simply just providing high quality technical advice and assistance to a small business network.

We have quality relationships with industry-leading product manufacturers and suppliers so that we can deliver the best solutions to our clients.

The Crunch IT team brings a quality of client service, sales and support that is unsurpassed and we are committed to reinventing the way IT service is delivered to meet the needs of contemporary business. Clients of Crunch IT include some of Australia's leading financial institutions, communications agencies, video and sound production houses.

Our knowledge of how business can leverage emerging technology enables us to provide a competitive advantage to our clients whether they use Apple, Windows, Android or most likely a combination of them all.

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My office uses a mixture of Macs and PCs, can you provide IT support for us?
Yes, Crunch IT specialises in Mac support and the integration of Macs and PCs. We also sell Macs, PCs, peripherals and consumables.
Can you help me sort out all the technical aspect of my office move?

Yes, Office moves can be tricky things. Managed well they can be seamless but without appropriate attention the outcomes for technology use in a new office can be disastrous and longlasting.

My office has some in-house IT capabilities, are you able to help us with higher-level IT support?
Yes, Crunch IT can provide all levels of IT support and can work with your existing IT support crew on complicated issues or projects.
Our Apple computers are currently looked after by our Microsoft technician. Is there any advantage to having you look after our Apple equipment?
Yes, Crunch IT specialises in Apple support and the integration of Apple and Microsoft. We're familiar with Apple-specific issues that Microsoft technicians could take hours to resolve.
Can you provide ad-hoc support for my small business?
Yes, Crunch IT can provide support on an as-needed basis. We also offer a discounted rate if you purchase support time in prepaid blocks.
Can you provide structured support for my business?
Yes, Crunch IT is able to tailor a support agreement for your company that allows for regular visits and maintenance. We prefer to work this way as we're able to provide proactive support (preventing issues through regular maintenance) rather than reactive support (a break/fix approach). You get less downtime and a set monthly support price.
Why are Apple more expensive than Windows?
Whilst the initial cost of Apple can be higher than Windows, although not always, the total cost of ownership of the Apple is lower than Windows across the life of both products.
Don't I know you from somewhere?
Probably, we get around!

Who we are 

The Crunch IT family is made up of a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. We have staff born in Australia, UK, Russia, NZ and the USA with our diversity strengthening constantly.

We like to think that we are a fun bunch and get up to a lot of interesting activities with some photo highlights below just to demonstrate a few of these from recent years.

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